Children and the

Arts Foundation

The Spire Realty Group Children and the Arts Foundation was established in December 2008. The organization was created to promote the arts in Downtown Dallas, and to foster the advancement of the arts by young artists, students and children.

The foundation hosts several events in order to encourage the pursuit and development of creative arts, offering personal enrichment activities to children and art students from pre-school to high school. These events help by making funds available for these projects, and by providing space in which the children can publicly showcase and exhibit their artwork in Downtown Dallas.

Our annual “Summer Sidewalk Chalk Art Event” brings 80-100 children to Bryan Tower to beautify our plaza on Harwood Street with sidewalk chalk drawings. Volunteers from Spire, as well as many of our tenants at Bryan Tower, encourage and help the children with their drawings. The children are then treated to pizza and a tour of one of the many Dallas Arts District venues. After their tour, each child is given a backpack of new school supplies with which to start their school year. It is an event Spire employees look forward to year after year.

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