Since 1989 the Spire brand has represented an inspired, innovative approach to commercial real estate.  Many firms believe that real estate should be treated as a commodity and take a strictly formulaic approach.  We believe that each asset is unique and each market complex and strive to think critically and holistically about each decision.

Who is


Spire is a privately-held commercial real estate company that has provided commercial real estate solutions since 1989. We are a dynamic, energetic and inspired firm that believes that success should be measured qualitatively as well as quantitatively.  We understand that our best asset is our reputation.

“I was very impressed by how accommodating everyone was along the way of us moving into Bryan Tower. During deliveries, the dock manager and security were always very helpful with our requests, and always made sure we had everything we needed. It’s a great group you have assembled at this property, and truly feels first class.”

Seth Atwell

Senior Associate
TBG, Dallas, Texas

Children and the Arts


The Spire Realty Group Children and the Arts Foundation was established in December 2008. The organization was created to promote the interest of the Dallas public in the arts available in downtown Dallas, and to foster the advancement of the arts by young artists, students and children.