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Capitalizing on Opportunities And Mitigating Risks

For more than 30 years, Spire Realty Group has exclusively sourced and operated assets for a single-family office. This experience led us to view our business through the eyes of an owner. Many companies suggest that they “THINK LIKE AN OWNER,” but Spire already operates as such.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to maximizing value to our customers, clients, and employees. We strive to grow but commit to remaining agile and authentic in our approach as we provide thoughtful and innovative solutions to both the owners and the end users of the commercial real estate we manage.

We expect the best of ourselves; you can, too.

Our Core Values

Our core values represent the essence of Spire Realty Group. These are the principles and beliefs that have guided us since our inception in 1989. We rely on these values in our daily decision-making to preserve and define what makes us who we are.


We are nimble and well-coordinated.


We are genuine and unique in our approach.


We are trustworthy, dependable, and fair.


We are open-minded and present new and different solutions.


We will continually develop and utilize unmatched collective wisdom and skill.


We are considerate and mindful of all possible solutions and outcomes.


We will continue our legacy to benefit multiple generations.

Unmatched Commitment


30+ Years of Experience

Spire has over 30 years of experience and has closed hundreds of unique real estate transactions, establishing a proven and consistent track record.


$2 Billion Assets Sourced and Invested

Since inception, through all market cycles, Spire has sourced and invested over $2 billion in 100+ real estate transactions with more than $300 million AUM.


Proven Track Record

Operational expertise developed over 30 years has equipped Spire's operational staff with the expertise needed to effectively manage commercial assets of any type and size.


Focused Investment Strategy

As a dedicated commercial real estate firm, Spire has a disciplined approach supported by thorough and diligent research. We have a focused investment strategy, which we strictly follow to deliver sought returns.


CRE Technology Experts

Spire employs a cloud-based operational approach that has maintained capital IT spending well below industry norms. Our CRE technology expertise allows us to find the best products and limit the risk of misuse of building systems by outside parties.


Seasoned Investment Management Team

Spire is widely recognized as one of the top services providers in commercial real estate. By controlling every line of service, we can ensure excellence and accountability among multiple disciplines and provide for a very clear line of communication, resulting in a seamless service to our customers and clients.